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Join The People's Campaign

To change the political landscape for our communities, we’re relying on YOU – THE PEOPLE!    Together, we can create a movement to effect lasting change in our communities, in the Commonwealth, and across the country.  The existing structure of TPC is hard at work for you locally, throughout Kentucky, and in Washington, D.C., building relationships with elected officials, organizations whose purpose and mission align with our interests, and with key stakeholders in the community.  We work to grow our influence in these conversations, and by adding your name to our ranks, you help further our effort to be the unified voice of The People.


Want to become a member of The People’s Campaign?  We’d love for you to join us.


First time making a donation?   Show your support by making a one-time donation today.


If you want to make a larger contribution, consider becoming a monthly donor.


Who Can Join?
Quite simply…. anyone.   There are no criteria for becoming a member of The People’s Campaign.  But we are looking or people who care…. about their community, about their child’s education, about ensuring everyone has access to affordable healthcare, about adding their collective voice to our message.

We want our fight for social justice and political activism to keep spreading, bringing in new voices, new perspectives, and new levels of commitment.  We are building relationships in the community and in government, and we will use those relationships to speak up on behalf of THE PEOPLE.



Become a Student Member 
If you are a high school or college student, you can join TPC at our special Student level membership.  As a student member, you will receive discounted rates for TPC events, and will be invited to join the volunteer ranks for our organizing efforts.  You can help grow our social media presence through active engagement on Facebook and Twitter, and by contributing your own original blog posts and articles about issues most important to you.


Become a TPC General Member
Support The People’s Campaign as a member with a gift of $25 or more annually.  Benefits to membership include access to our monthly Connecting The Dots newsletter, discounted tickets to our community events, as well as complete access to a range of direct action, event information, and volunteer opportunities.  Donate now!


Become a TPC Investor
With an annual contribution of $100 or more annually, Investors will make contributions that help shape the day to day operations of TPC.   At this membership level, you will be asked to contribute both financially and with participation, by attending and volunteering at TPC events, and helping to shape the issues central to our membership.


Become a TPC Partner
With an annual contribution of $250 or more, your Partner level membership provides TPC with the ability to organize effectively on important issues affecting our communities throughout the Bluegrass.   At this level of commitment, you will be afforded the opportunity to meet regularly with our executive board and steering committee, along with other Partners, to offer valuable insight into the work of The People’s Campaign.


Become a TPC Advisor
With an annual contribution of $500 or more, our Advisors provide the leadership, support, and resources that are essential to our work.   As major donors, Advisors are invited to help shape the vision of The People’s Campaign and creating opportunities for us to grow our donor base with others willing to provide support and resources.  Advisors will provide important oversight and take an active role in meeting our organizational contribution goals (both financially and in participation).  Advisors are invited to attend the Annual Advisors Meeting, and will also be asked to host their own House Meeting for other potential members.  Advisors will also have the opportunity to offer additional support for TPC special events as needed.








Every dollar we receive helps to support one of the following essential elements of our work:


Advocating for Our Legislative Agenda

As we build relationships with key government stakeholders, we commit to advocating for their support of our issues, for their understanding of the impact of their work on THE PEOPLE, and for them to vote on the right side of each piece of legislation before them.


Promoting Strong Candidates for Public Office

During each election cycle, our Political Action Committee will survey the roster of candidates, and potentially make contributions to individual who have shown leadership in fighting for the issues central to The People’s Campaign.


Hosting Meetups, Conferences and Community Events

Our strategy of growing our influence only works if we are standing up on behalf of THE PEOPLE. To grow that influence, we want to build grassroots support through regular events to meet new people, to invite the community into our efforts, and to allow the feedback of the community to shape our agenda.   We will continue to host regular events (brunches, meetups, receptions, conferences, etc.) to spread our message.


Keeping the Lights On

As with any organization of this size, we maintain regular administrative costs. Your financial support helps offset the costs of printing/copying, website fees, food, vendor/payments, promotional materials, and much more.


NOTE: Federal law mandates that PAC contributions must come from personal funds – corporate contributions are strictly voluntary and are not a condition to membership to The People’s Campaign. 


Contributions or gifts to The People’s Campaign are not tax-deductible.


Working Towards Better…. Together!
















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